Which floor is best for the bedroom? And what temperature should the bedroom have? Can I have a tv?  Read eight tips for a better bedroom here.


novaformOpen the window

Air the bedroom out with piercing morning and evening for a minimum of 5-10 minutes – summer and winter. The window in the bedroom must not be open all the time, but it must be vented so that all air in the room is replaced.

Adjust the temperature

The room should be heated. Keep the same temperature as the rest of the house. Usually, 20-22 degrees works best.

Watch out for condensation

If there is dew or condensation on the window in the bedroom during the day, the air is too moist, and the room is too cold. To air out and turn up the heat. Then the damp duvets and pillows must be aired, and then the temperature must be turned on.

Keep the bedroom organized

Since the bedroom is often kept cold at night and the air is supplied with some moisture from the sleepers during the night, there should be no cabinets, shelves, and chests of drawers directly above the outer wall. This can create condensation. If there is no air circulation behind the furniture, there will be a high risk of mold on walls behind the closet or the back of the closet.

No carpet

A hard floor such as wood flooring or linoleum is appropriate in the bedroom. It is easiest to keep clean in relation to carpets. Carpets can be comfortable but can contain a lot of dust, moisture, and dirt that can adversely affect the indoor climate.

Clean up!

Be sure to keep the bedroom tidy and clean

The bedroom is for sleeping and s.. NO TV

Generally, the bedroom is not suitable for electronics such as TVs, PCs, and printers as they release chemical substances that can affect the quality of the indoor climate.

No bedroom in the basement

Having a bedroom in virtually all basements is illegal. This is due, among other things, to the fact that it is difficult to establish a tasty and healthy indoor climate here – so in most cases, it will be unhealthy to sleep in a basement.

Get the right mattress

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