Sleepzone mattress – A spring mattress


novaformThe Sleepzone mattress is found in many different sizes. It is represented as a 120 x 200 cm. in this case. It is designed with the focus that the price should be kept low. But without compromise on quality and comfort. The mattress has been built so that the mattress core and the upholstery come separately. In that way, you just have to make sure to wash the cover before you take your new mattress in use. However, it may be a good idea to give your upholstery a walk in the washing machine before you put it on your mattress. So it’s quite freshly washed before you start using it the first time.

If you choose to invest in a spring mattress from SleepZone to select additionally also investing in a spring mattress, it is equipped with no less than five comfort zones. It is not just something that helps to provide greater comfort, but it simultaneously also helps to give the mattress a much better and longer shelf life — a quality which would not normally associate with a mattress in this price range. You get a mattress, where you can choose between two different fixed entirety. It is recommended that those who have a weight of between 75 kg and 95 kg choose a fixed resistance, while those over 95 kg should choose a medium firmness.

Sleepzone mattress comes with a 15-year warranty

Although there certainly are not talking about an expensive mattress, so there has not been spared, which also can be felt and seen completely out of the cover. It is a cover of the absolute best quality that has a really nice and soft surface. It also means that you should not be afraid of that example. Live dust mites in your cover, and it helps to provide a more healthy and sustained sleep environment. Provided, of course, 15-year warranty and two-year warranty.